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Vibrations Oblong Vase *Imperfection* by Lalique

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Wholesale: $1,699.99
Price: $783.99 
*In Original Box, UPC, with Care Instructions, New with Sticker still on top.*

*Substandard Packaging, some dust and Wear on Bottom of Box from Storage Keep. Inside is Excellent Condition. Original Foam casing.*

*Discounted 20% for one minor scuff 27mm long in middle of Vase area. As shown in Picture.*

A tribute to crystal.
Crystal stretched and worked in its molten state becomes nascent waves of light and delivers the quintessence of its inherent purity. Subtle, undiluted, minimalist, the lines waver, cross over and undulate. Folding and unfolding, drawing parallels with the art of origami. The down strokes and upstrokes emanate the pristine essence of calligraphy, like infinitesimal vibrations