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Intergral Logistics Management Fourth Edition by Paul Schonsleben

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*Hardcover, has some wear on outter Cover from storage keep but the book is pristine inside.*

From the Foreword of the First Edition of Integral Logistics Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management Within and Across Companies: "Changes in the world outside the company alter the way that we look at problems and priorities in the company itself. This presents new challenges to company logistics and to planning & control of corresponding business processes." Written almost twelve years ago, these words are perhaps more true now than ever before.

Incorporating the elements that made previous editions so popular with students and professors, the fourth edition reflects the expansion of the role of supply chain management to include all areas of industry and all objects in the product life cycle.

New in the Fourth Edition:

-Assessing the economic value added of supply chain initiatives
-Local content regulations and tariff orientation in a supply chain
-Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in a global supply chain
-Facility location planning (expanded)
-Sustainable supply chains
-Supply chain risk management
-Information management

Each chapter includes summaries, keywords, cases, and exercises. Definitions of key concepts and terms are boxed for emphasis and important principles, examples, points to remember, prescribed procedures, steps of a technique or solutions for selected scenarios and exercises are highlighted with a gray background. Additional interactive Macromedia Flash elements are made available for download from the book’s companion website.

Magic formulas, catchwords, and simplifying theories do not stand much of a chance in logistics, operations and supply chain management. The complex reality of day-to-day operation of companies in industry and the service sector demands highly diligent detailed work. Covering all of the critical details in this area, the book equips students for tackling the logistics, planning, and managerial challenges they’ll most certainly have to face.