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Origins Tortilla Press 6.5 inch

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Origins Tortilla Press 6.5 inch

For those of us who prefer to make our own tortillas, a simple heavy duty tortilla press like this one is essential.

It consists of two round, flat, cast-aluminum plates 6.5 inches in diameter with a hinge at one end and a 7 inch long handle at the other end.

To use the press, lay a piece of plastic wrap - a sandwich bag is ideal - on the bottom plate, then place a walnut sized ball of dough made from corn flour on top. Cover the dough with another layer of plastic wrap, close the press, and push the handle down firmly. Open the press and lift off the top section of plastic. You should have a flat, round tortilla ready for the griddle.

This same press is an excellent tool to use to flatten dough for Chinese dumplings or scallion pancakes.