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Razer Electra Essential Gaming Headset (RZ04-00700200-R3U1)

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Razer Electra Essential Gaming Headset (RZ04-00700200-R3U1)

Razer Electra RZ04-00700200-R3U1 feature thick leatherette ear cushions that mold to the shape of your ears, and optimally positioned ear cups to boost sound isolation, you'll only hear good vibrations at all times. With a flexible headband structure and lightweight frame, the Razer Electra was designed for long-lasting comfortable wear so you can stay plugged into the soundtrack of your life with no fatigue. Make communication easy just by swapping out your audio cable for one with a microphone.

Enhanced bass response with optimized drivers
Replaceable sound-isolating leatherette ear cushions
Flexible headband structure and snug-fit ear cups for extended comfort
Detachable rubber sheathed audio cable
Detachable inline microphone cable for voice communication any time
*This product is Recertified.
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*Substandard packaging, Original box has some scuffs and scratches on it from storage also has been resealed. Does not effect the product inside.