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Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Essential 5 DVD Collection w/2x1lb Zumba Toning Sticks

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Shed the Pounds. Feel the Thrill. Are you ready to party yourself into shape. Move it, shake it and rock it out with red hot dance steps and pulsating Latin and world rhythms. With the four disc Exhilarate Body Shaping System, you won’t want to stop. Crank up the music, torch the calories and turn your at home workout into a rockin’ dance fitness party.

Now you can own the Exhilarate Body Shaping System as a 4 DVD set You’ll get five exhilarating workouts with varying levels of intensity: “Step by Step,” a basic guide to break down the steps; “Activate,” a 45 minute, easy to follow class to get you started; “Ripped: Zumba Toning,” the body sculpting workout using our exclusive maraca like Zumba Toning Sticks; “Mix,” a rhythmic journey around the world; and “Exhilarate ,” the original full length fitness party experience.

Plus, you’ll get a bonus 5th DVD: “Rush,” a 20 minute workout to amp you up The set also includes one pair of 1lb. Zumba Toning Sticks to help you shake, rattle and rock your way to sexy, leaner muscles, as well as the Exhilarate Program Guide featuring a 10 day weight loss plan and more.the 4th DVD has two (2) workouts "Mix" and "Ripped-Toning". "Ripped-Toning" only consists of a workout with Toning Sticks.

Contents of the DVD Set

Total DVD Run Time 2:06:42

Exhilarate 5 (4+1) DVD Run Times Step-By-Step (Total Run Time 60:21)
Step By Step 59:45
How to use this DVD 0:36

Activate (Total Run Time 47:33)

Activate – 41:00 How to Use this video – 0:26
Tips and Techniques – 2:56
Get to know your instructors – 3:11

Exhilarate (Total Run Time 1:03:49)

Exhilarate – 59:30
How to use this video – 0:26
How to find a Zumba Class – 2:16
Get to know your instructors – 1:37

Ripped/Mixed (Total Run Time 2:06:42)

Ripped-Toning – 31:28
Get To know your instructors – 1:34
Zumba Mix – 54:27
Zumba Mix (w/ breakdowns) – 1:31:51
Breaking down the moves – 37:33
Meet Beto Perez – 1:49

Rush (Total Run Time 36:33)

Rush – 23:09
How to use this video 0:26
Zumba Wear Ripping and Cutting – 9:56
Get to know your instructors – 1:49
Outtakes – 1:18

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