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I'm Over All That by Shirley MacLaine

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I'm Over All That by Shirley MacLaine

"I have to ease up on worry, scheming for films of roles, planning for better surroundings, and feeling anger at all our leaders who operate politically rather than humanely. Yes, I am over all that. I'm over listening to advertisements, the latest fashions (I never was much for that), events I should attend in order to be seen, red carpet madness. I'm getting more and more free from the expectations of the external world. In fact, the worry I can't seem to give up and get over is a lingering fear that being a reclusive, happy, older woman may not be entirely healthy. But who says so?...

I'm not over going to the movies, seeing live theater, hearing symphonies of music, eating a good dinner (I'm learning to dine out alone), attending a worthy charity event (for half an hour), visiting a sick friend, or toys to the animal shelter...

One thing will always be a constant with me. I have a guiding sense of curiosity. I will never get over asking Why."

Love - Shirley