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Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

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At the end of her bestselling memoir Eat,Pray,Love, Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love with Felipe, a Brazilian-born man of Australian citizenship who had been living in Indonesia when they met.

Resettling in America, the couple swore to never,ever, under any circumstances, get married. (Both were survivors of previous bad divorces. Enough said.) But providence intervened one day in the form of the U.S. government, which - after detaining Felipe at an American border crossing - gave the couple a choice: they could either get married, or Felipe would never be aloud to enter the country again.

Having been effectively "sentenced to wed," Gilbert decided to tackle her fears of matrimony by becoming a student of the institution. Over the next ten months, as she and Felipe wandered haphazardly across Southeast Asia and get married, the only thing she talked about, read about, or thought about was this perplexing subject.

Committed tells the story of one woman's efforts - through contemplation, historical study, and extensive conversation with every soul she encountered along the way - to make peace with marriage before she entered its estate once more. Told with Gilbert's trademark wit, intelligence and compassion, the book attempts to "turn on the lights" when it comes to matrimony, frankly examining questions of compatibility, infatuation, fidelity, family tradition, social expectations, divorce risks, and humbling responsibilities.

Myths are debunked; fears are unthreaded; historical perspective is exchanged for vital emotional compromises. In the end, the book becomes a kind of celebration of love - with all the complexity and consequence that real love, in the real world, will always entail.