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Lost and Found by Geneen Roth

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New York Times bestselling author Genne Roth galvanized millions of readers with Women Food and God, a book that drew upon her yeas of teaching about the charged connection between food and our inner lives. Now she turns her attention to the other great secret in American culture: our conflicted relationship with money.

Precipitated by the loss of her entire life savings in the Bernard Madoff scandal, Roth took a hard food at her own habits - and found direct parallels between her relationships with food and money: Binge shopping followed my periods of budgetary self-deprivation, "treating" herself in ways that ultimately failed to sustain, and using money as a substitute for love. She discovered a haunted and compulsive quality in her relationship with money - and faced with a crisis, she needed to find out why.

As Roth used the tools she developed to unlock unconscious patterns around food and dieting, what she learned was a revelation. In Lost and Found, she examines the crisis of suffering around money that pervades our culture, dominates the media, and causes us sleepless nights - regardless of how wealthy or poor we might be. With her unique combination of grace and humor, Roth unlocks the true meaning of equations we make between money and love, money and success, money and happiness. Geneen Roth's moving stories of friends, fellow investors and workshop students create a clear picture that Americans need a wake-up call about how we use and abuse money. Lost and Found is just that: a dazzling, provocative, and in fact radical template for liberating ourselves from old patterns and transforming how we feel and behave about the precious resources that should, and ultimately can, sustain and support our lives.