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Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00300100-R3U1)

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Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00300100-R3U1)

The Razer Orochi brings mobile gaming mouse standards to new heights with its small form factor and bleeding-edge technology Equipped with a gaming-grade laser sensor and dual mode wired/wireless functionality, the Razer Orochi uses Bluetooth technology to address your need for portability and ease of use with a wired mode option for gaming grade performance Razer PrecisionTM 3G Laser sensor Tracking up to 100 inches per second Ambidextrous design Razer SynapseTM On-board Memory (not applicable on Mac OS) Wireless Mode: Gaming optimized Bluetooth® 2.0 connectivity Up to 2000DPI sensitivity 125Hz polling/ 8ms response Powered by 2 AA batteries High performance batteries are recommended for longer battery life To conserve power, switch off the Razer Orochi when not in use Wired Mode: Detachable three foot, lightweight, braided micro-USB cord Up to 4000DPI sensitivity 1000Hz UltrapollingTM/ 1ms response

*substandard packaging, has slight damage to original box; some scuffs and scratches from handling and storage. This item has been re-sealed. Does not affect the product inside
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